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Access Control System


Access Control System

Access Control (AC) involves limiting access to specific places or resources selectively. In today’s context of rising crime rates, it’s crucial for companies and institutions to prioritize security to prevent losses. Al Zajed Technologies offers an advanced Access Control Management system featuring top-notch fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms. This system enhances both convenience and security by overcoming the limitations of traditional biometric systems using RF cards or passwords.


Business Tailored Solutions

Any facility requiring restricted access exclusively for authorized personnel should consider implementing a robust access control system. Al Zajed Technologies’ solution stands out by providing comprehensive functionality at an affordable cost. Designed with a modular control structure, it facilitates straightforward installation and scalability. For businesses in the UAE seeking dependable access control solutions, Al Zajed Technologies ensures reliable installation and superior performance.



Al Zajed Technologies offers multiple solutions within their ACS to cater to diverse needs and environments. Whether you’re managing access for a small office or a large enterprise, their system provides customizable options for enhanced security and convenience.


A complete ACS system consists of an access controller, card reader, exit button, lock & software platform.


In an ACS reader is a mediator who gives the proper signal to the controller by the trigger is relay switch.

Multiple Solutions With Access Control System

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