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ELV Solutions


Our experienced professional team provides a variety of options regarding management, support and with experience in supplying & installing a range of ELV Solutions.

Structured Cabling

Our structured cabling systems provide a robust foundation for your network infrastructure, supporting various applications and technologies with high performance and minimal downtime.

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CCTV Installation

Trust in our expertise to design and install CCTV setups tailored to your specific security needs, whether for homes, businesses, or public spaces.

Home Automation

Experience the convenience of smart living with our home automation solutions, empowering you to control your environment effortlessly.

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Intercom System

Our intercom solutions facilitate seamless communication within your premises, enhancing convenience and security.

Time Attendence System

Empower HR teams with comprehensive attendance reports and automated timesheet generation, saving time and improving payroll accuracy with our customizable time attendance systems.

Access Control System

Protect sensitive areas & assets with customizable access levels & real-time monitoring, empowering to manage & track entry logs with ease.

Alarm System

Customize your alarm system to suit your specific security requirements, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

SMATV Solutions

Our SMATV systems offer centralized management and distribution of television signals, providing flexibility and convenience.

Video Surveillance System

From single-camera setups to complex multi-site installations, trust in our expertise to design and deploy video surveillance systems tailored to your security needs.

Gate Barrier

Control access to your premises efficiently with our advanced gate barrier systems, offering seamless entry management.

Meeting Room Solution

From interactive displays to video conferencing setups, our meeting room solutions are designed to enhance collaboration and engagement.

With a commitment to excellence, Al Zajed Technologies leverages its expertise to deliver  ELV infrastructure encompassing security systems, structured cabling, meeting room solution and much more.

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