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Home Automation


Home Automation

Creating the perfect atmosphere at home is key to the ultimate living experience. With Al Zajed Technologies’ Home Automation system, you can effortlessly control everything from lights to curtains, air-conditioning, music, and even TV screens with just a single button press from anywhere in your house.

Imagine waking up and with a touch, the lights adjust, curtains glide open, temperature adapts, and your favorite music starts playing. It’s that easy! Plus, there are more options available, like controlling outdoor irrigation and lighting, all seamlessly integrated with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device for added convenience. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a smart home with Al Zajed Technologies.

In Dubai, the integration of smart home solutions offers unprecedented control over various aspects of daily life. From lighting and micro-climate to doors, air conditioning, curtains, and multimedia devices like TVs and speakers, everything can be managed effortlessly. Additionally, safety features such as anti-gas leakage and fire detection are seamlessly incorporated. Companies like Smart Works in Dubai handle all aspects of home automation, including engineering calculations, equipment selection, installations, and construction of customized scenarios tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring an optimal and convenient living experience.

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